Team Lovetap

DriftSM R4 Sturup

Round 4 of the Swedish Drifting Championship

RaceReport 🏁

We had quite the stressful week leading up to this competition, we had som late deliveries of parts for the engine which ment we couldn't assemble the cylinder head until wednesday evening and we were leaving on Thursday..

But thanks to my team and sponsors we managed to get her fired up 17:00 on thursday, packed everything up in the van and headed down to Sturup raceway. Arrived and rigged up the pits then we had retighten the ARP studs after warming the engine so the headgasket wouldn't start to leak.

The next day we headed out for practice and started to feel quite comfortable after a couple or runs, but shortly before ending the practice I went really hard over the crest and made a hard dirtdrop which caused my rear right knuckle to break..

So our only way to fix it was to weld it back together so we would make it to Qualifying, thanks to DriftBrothers we managed to get it fixed and get out for qualifying🙌🏻

First run out I went out and got a good line over the crest and through the transistions, but on the long left hander my car cut out on "lean power cut" while heading for the last clip, but i managed to keep it in drift and cross the line. My second run out I screwed up the line over the crest so didnt get a good score on that one, but my first run (68 points) put me in a 12th spot out of 26 drivers🙌🏻🏁

On Saturdays Practice we went out on a slightly wet track, and unfortunatly I pushed it a bit to hard over the crest and ended up putting my left front wheel in the wall. Which caused my lower control arm uniball to push out it's bronze surface, because we didn't manage to find a new bearing we just stuffed the bronze back in and but a big washer so if it would break we wouldn't loose the tyre. 

I had a pretty nasty wobble in the steering wheel because of this but it felt okey during 4 practice runs, but when we got in after practice we checked the rear suspension and found a big crack in our rear left knuckle. So we had to rush down to Joensuu again and have it welded up, we managed to fix it before Top 16!

Our first battle in Top 16 was against Henrik Johansson in his LS powered Bmw e36, great driver with a good flow through the track👌🏻

First run out I was chasing Henrik and I came a bit behind in to the transistion from the crest to the right hander, but when he transitioned in to the long left sweeper he put on a bit to much angle which caused him to almost stop, luckily i managed to avoid hitting him but it caused me to loose drift. This was deemed in my advantage.

Second run out we managed to put a few car length on him after the crest, we put down a solid line and he caught up to me in the long sweeper. 

We got the win and moved on to top8 against Axel Hjalte, first run out I was chasing again and I was on his door all the way until going in to the long left sweeper where my rear left knuckle broke again.. But we managed to drift it across the line with one wheel dragging behind...

We did try to fix it during the 5 minute rule but didn't manage to get it done in time, big ups for everyone who tried to get me back on track. 

So thats was the end to our weekend at Sturup Raceway but man did I have fun! 🏁😍❤

We ended up with an 8th spot💪🏻👍🏻