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Lovekhana - CityDrift Press release

The story

Lovekhana CityDrift starts out with MĂĄrten driving go karts at Skara Sommarland, and after finishing the session at the go kart track he decides to ask the attendant if they offer anything to do with skidding or drifting at the amusement park. The attendant then answers that there is an old closed down attraction he could show MĂĄrten, after agreeing on checking it out they walk through the amusement park and reach the doors of a abandoned attraction.

The attendant then tells Mårten that he can’t follow him in there and that he will have to see for himself what he finds behind the doors, after entering the building he soon discovers a car beneath a car cover… After looking closer he discovers that it is in fact a drift car and attempts to start it up and of course it jumps to life!

He then opens the main port to the old attraction “Lovekhana City Drift” and enters the Driftkhana track and takes us for an accelerating experience through this abandoned drift track inside of a shoppingmall. Scenic shots, Unique locations, Close calls and Technical driving at its finest in some very tight spaces with different obstacles to hit through out the track!

Tag Along for the ride and experience Lovekhana first hand!

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Lovekhana - City Drift Official Premiere

The final product will be premiered on the 2nd of December 16:00 GMT.

The video will be premiered on Team Lovetap’s Youtube channel and published on Team Lovetaps Facebook and it will be free to share from either one!



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Technical Data


  • 7,27 TB of data in total

  • 35 056 files & 447 folders

  • Shot on 8K, 6K, 4K & 1080p




  • GoPro

  • DJI Mavic

Software used:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Audition

  • Adobe Encoder

  • Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve



Team Lovetap is owned and operated by MĂĄrten StĂĄngberg from Gothenburg who also is the driver and builder of the Team Lovetap Mercedes CLK Drift car.

MĂĄrten is a upcoming driver with a lot of passion for Drifting, he loves the diversity of the sport and takes a lot of pride in showing off his skills in a unique car like the CLK! One of MĂĄrtens strongest assets besides drifting and building driftcars is that he has a big passion for media and this makes him one of the most visible drivers in Scandinavia!

Of course it takes more than one person to make Team Lovetap successful and this is where you find the crew, 6 people with the same passion for drifting who always strive to improve and move forward. Every single person on the team puts their heart and soul in to making Team Lovetap a name to remember!

Like many other creatives, we are madly passionate about creating amazing content. No matter if it’s in photography, cinematography or graphics we challenge ourselves to do our best.

Creating content with context that is not only visually stunning, content that will both empower your brand and the customer that buy into the product or service. We are small and agile, open to challenge the norms and best practices, this is what makes us successful in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

Through collaboration, we expand and improve our skills, to give more exciting dimensions and perspectives to a project. We are experts in our respective fields. Yet, it is through collaboration with people who inspire us, we have the most fun and produce our best work.




A snowy cold day in January 2018 we got our first look of the location. Here are our drone shots from the first visit, the environment is absolutely scenic!

Lovekhana City Drift is a tribute to the motorsport style gymkhana. What separates gymkhana from traditional autocross is that gymkhana requires drivers to perform advanced skills (Drifting, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8s etc) while navigating a predetermined course.

Inspired by the drivers and the filmmakers who have made this sport the art form it is today, we had always dreamt of one day making our own version of it.

Finally in the end of 2017 we got the opportunity we had been waiting for! In the region of Skaraborg where Mårten Stångberg grew up, there was a big shopping mall called Köpstaden. Located just outside the Skara Sommarland theme park, Köpstaden offered a complete experience of shopping, entertainment venues, action parks, minigolf and diners.

This shopping mall enjoyed it’s days of glory in the beginning of the 90s, unfortunately those days did not last… And at the beginning of 2000 business started to decline and it ended up closing it’s doors back in 2005. Abandoned and forgotten, the place got invaded by explorers and raiders and just like an infestation the building started to slowly fall apart. The dream of getting to drift inside this abandoned mall was born quite early on by Mårten and the like-minded, but no one really took up the challenge.

One night, Mårten decided to approach the local car community ARN Racing regarding his dream. The idea were discussed with the owner (Skara Sommarland) a few times but things didn’t really kick off until the news came out that Köpstaden was going to be demolished in the end of 2018.

Knowing that this was our last opportunity to realize this dream, we quickly approached Skara Sommarland again with the hope of getting the permit. Armed with only a childhood dream and passion for drifting, Skara Sommarland came to approve our crazy idea. With the permit in hand we wasted no time and started brainstorming about a story line and a name for the project.

You don’t learn the limits unless you push the limits.
— Ken Block

Lovekhana - CityDrift had been born!

Taking on a project like this was a huge challenge. As a driver you don’t have any margin for error and there was a never a doubt that Mårten had a big challenge a head of him and the stakes were high. The question we all had going in to the project was would we make it through without damaging the car or anyone in the crew, knowing that the building’s structure and debris could easily cause major damages to both the crew and car. After all Mårten was putting his whole 2018 racing season on the line, a big crash could see him outside competition for a large part of the season.

Due to some technical gremlin’s with the car in the start of the season, we had no more than two weeks of preparations before the actual shoot. Still we weren’t going to let this chance slip by, not for the world! Despite limited funding and time we packed up all our camera gear, loaded up the car and headed out to Köpstaden.

On the 19th of April 2018 we arrived at Skara Sommarlands camp site, after having seen the location only once. We planned out the story, scenes and driving course on the fly. Throughout the weekend we had to constantly use our imagination, and tackle all the obstacles and setbacks with a positive attitude.

We shot continuously from Thursday to Sunday evening and we really had to thank the weather gods for giving us sunshine during the entire shoot. After the last scene, we had to quickly pack up and head back home because everyone had to be at work on Monday morning.



A cinematic production

The pinnacle of filmmaking is a cinema production. We hope that we can showcase our passion for the art of filmmaking in this production. Like all great artists we learn by doing what the masters we admire did. The amount of challenges we faced during this production were far greater than we anticipated. Rendering the clips, syncing and normalizing all the audio, grading the footage from different cameras is something that you see flashing by in a few seconds when viewing a behind the scenes feature. This film is made with consumer grade PC components and we hope to showcase that the possibilities are limitless.

We want to shout out to all the friends that made this production possible. That is why you need to view the ending credits!



Special thanks!

To everyone who helped and contributed to making this possible.


See you on the next project!