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Lovekhana - City Drift --First Official Teaser--

Team Lovetap's Lovekhana - City Drift Official Teaser

Lovekhana CityDrift starts out with Mårten driving go karts at Skara Sommarland, and after finishing the session at the go kart track he decides to ask the attendant if they offer anything to do with skidding or drifting at the amusement park. The attendant then answers that there is an old closed down attraction he could show Mårten, after agreeing on checking it out they walk through the amusement park and reach the doors of a abandoned attraction.

The attendant then tells Mårten that he can’t follow him in there and that he will have to see for himself what he finds behind the doors, after entering the building he soon discovers a car beneath a car cover… After looking closer he discovers that it is in fact a drift car and attempts to start it up and of course it jumps to life!

He then opens the main port to the old attraction “Lovekhana City Drift” and enters the Driftkhana track and takes us for an accelerating experience through this abandoned drift track inside of a shoppingmall. Scenic shots, Unique locations, Close calls and Technical driving at its finest in some very tight spaces with different obstacles to hit through out the track!

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