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Whats New?

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Vlog #17 - Organizing and Off season prep

Episode 17 of Team Lovetap Vlog!

The season has come to an end and we are now ready to start tearing the car down, the first step is always to clean it and strip it down. In this episode we take some baby steps towards getting the garage in a working order and then make the car ready for some wrenching.

We also show you some interesting products from Nuke Performance that we will cover more when we get further in to the off season! 2019 season is coming up fast so expect a lot of content in the following weeks!

If someone is wondering what kind of workwear we are using we can tell you that its Depalma Workwear, if you are interested in getting some for yourself.

Then we think you should head over to their website and buy some, if you use "lovetap" as a discount code you will get 15% off!

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