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Whats New?

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Vlog #3 BJP Race - Twin turbo Lambo and Garage visits

Second episode of Team Lovetap Vlog!

In this episode we do a big roadtrip through Sweden, we visit our Sponsor BJP Race and check out his insane Lamborghini twin turbo and some other rad stuff. BJP Race work with fuel system components and ECU systems, they support me with injectors and other stuff regarding the fuel system. They also do servicing of our injectors during offseason to make sure we don't get a faulty injector during the season which could mean a engine breakdown!

 Then we head further north to drop of Robin Carlssons 190 at Pipedreams who is going to make our new line up of exhaust manifolds for the M104 engine! More in this very soon:) 

After we dropped of the car we went to Borlänge where we met up with Squared Design and delivered his new bodykit, Then we headed out to our friends Joakim Andersson and Eric Carlson to check out their driftcars as they prepare for SDC Semi pro 2018!

Check it out and visit for more info about their company!

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